The day the cable guy broke the tv

Lacey and I recently changed bedrooms. It's the hottest room in the house and decided we needed a window unit asap. The problem was that the satellite dish was right outside the window. It would have to be moved first.  If you didn't know already I work for a major cable company. However, I live... Continue Reading →


I’m not good enough for a bible reading plan

It's about this time every year that I ditch my bible reading plan I started at the first of the year. It's not because I don't value reading scripture. I believe reading scripture is one of the most important disciplines in the Christian life. It's because they just don't work for me. This text is... Continue Reading →

Bastian the traveling lobster 

During our vacation lacey had a great idea that I've never heard of. She wanted to get a stuffed toy and take pictures of it along the way to send to the boys. I wasnt sure how they would take it.  Within the first day they absolutely fell in love with this toy lobster. We... Continue Reading →

Making momentos

I always liked the idea of having things growing up like a growth chart, a name in concrete and other things that you can look at as momentos when my kids are older.  Every chance I get I make those momentos with my boys. This weekend I poured concrete for my mailbox. I wrote our... Continue Reading →

Lighthouse meditation

I got to see my first real life operating lighthouse while on cape cod this week. They aren't just there to make beautiful pictures they actually serve a purpose. The government defines that purpose as a "navigational aid and to warn boaters of a dangerous area" I noticed a common theme in all of the... Continue Reading →

Whale watching

I was fortunate enough to experience my first whale watching tour. It was absolutely amazing. We saw the fin back whale. This species is the second largest animal on the planet next to the blue whale. They can get as long as 85ft.  Imagine something that is 85ft long. That is longer than the biggest... Continue Reading →

Lasting impact

There's not a whole lot of people that had the kind of impact on my life that my grandmother did. We had a special relationship. My parents got a divorce when I was five and every other weekend I would stay at my dads. No matter where I was going that weekend Friday afternoons were... Continue Reading →

Life is a Memory

If you boil down your life. From the time you learned to walk and talk as a child to when you grew up, went to high school. You graduated high school maybe you went to college, eventually got married and had children of your own. We then grow older, and if we are fortunate we... Continue Reading →

Freezing Time

Do you remember playing that game as a child where everyone has to freeze then you see who can hit you? It gave you a glimpse of what it would be like to freeze time. Have you ever wanted to be able to freeze time? Well, I think that photography gives us this option at... Continue Reading →

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