I just walked a mile in your shoes

Lacey, While you on your incentive trip these past nine days I gladly volunteered to step up to watch the boys. Your mom did an amazing job watching them while I was at work and made my work nights extremely easy. It was those times when I had them all by myself all day that... Continue Reading →


Split Personality: Daddy and Husband

I recently read a article about how crucial it is for your children not to be the most important thing if you life. It sounded strange at first until I started reading more of the article. They explained that a lot of couples lives solely revolve around their children. Their identity and everything they do... Continue Reading →

The quiet moments make my heart smile 

It's in these quiet moments that my overfills my heart with joy. All three of us snuggle in the bed and watch "blaze" (a children's animated show). Everyone is calm and my boys show their daddy affection in snuggling up. I love moments like these. 

Today I was “that” parent

Lacey and I took the boys to see a play "James and the giant peach" Of course out of all the kids there our boys were the ones that ran on stage, through a fit and were running around during the play. I was "that" parent... You know the one I'm talking about? The one... Continue Reading →

Step-Parents Don’t Lose Heart!

I  wanted to take a moment to thank all of you step-parents out there. I had step-parents involved in my life growing up too. I can truly say without my step-dad I wouldn't be who I am today. I even named my firstborn sons middle name after him. My parents got a divorce when I... Continue Reading →

Deadbeat dad

Occasionally my wife says "thanks for not being a deadbeat dad and helping out with the boys when you get home from work" apparently she knows some spouses who have these so called "dead beat dads" I want to talk to you guys for a second.  Raising a family is a two person job (I... Continue Reading →

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