The challenge that forever changed my life 

When I was in college I had every single class with a "bible thumping holy roller" (as I liked to call him) named Ryan. This guy wouldn't shut up about the Bible. Before class, during class, during break or after class it didn't make a difference. He was talking about the Bible.  He challenged me... Continue Reading →


Reading is food for the soul

Growing up I didn't like reading. I couldn't get into it and frankly didn't see much value in it. The older I get the more value I see in it.  I intentionally try to ready different genres to keep myself well rounded. I read the Bible everyday and alternate between fiction novels, biographies and practical... Continue Reading →

Family road trip

It's been a different time at the silva house. We've been traveling a lot. First was a mommy daddy trip to Cape cod. Then a few weeks later lacey won a business trip to Greece then the day after she got back I went on call for a week. I could feel the family needed... Continue Reading →

Life: Handle with care

My youngest son has had plenty of ear infections and loss of balance this last year. So much so we took him to the doctor who referred us to a ENT who then wanted to rule out any neurological issues (like a brain tumor) before putting tubes in his ears.  I don't care who you... Continue Reading →

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