Life: Handle with care

My youngest son has had plenty of ear infections and loss of balance this last year. So much so we took him to the doctor who referred us to a ENT who then wanted to rule out any neurological issues (like a brain tumor) before putting tubes in his ears. 

I don’t care who you are, when your doctor brings up even the possibility of your child having a brain tumor it freaks you out. I took off work so I could take him to the hospital to have the MRI done. 

They put him in this scary looking prison crib with super high sides. They rolled him to a room where they were going to put him asleep and run the MRI on him. It was so difficult to leave my son who isn’t even two in this situation especially not knowing what the results would be. 

It made me realize something. Life is fragile. A lot more fragile than I think it is. Anything could go wrong with health or numerous accidents could happen every single day. It really is nothing short of a miracle that my family is able to eat at the same table for dinner every night with good health. 

Don’t take life for granite. Embrace your love ones because you won’t always be able to. 


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