Family road trip

It’s been a different time at the silva house. We’ve been traveling a lot. First was a mommy daddy trip to Cape cod. Then a few weeks later lacey won a business trip to Greece then the day after she got back I went on call for a week. I could feel the family needed something to do to bond and make some memories. So we went on a impromptu beach trip

Lacey and I don’t love the beach. It’s less than 6 hours away and unless you went to Houston or Memphis it’s really the only thing close. The boys love swimming, playing In the sand and water so it was perfect. Well almost perfect, unless we were actually at the beach or the pool our oldest had some serious toddler meltdowns and that’s okay. 

We made some awesome memories as a family. Toddler meltdowns happen when you have toddlers. It’s just a part of life. Even though at times it was extremely frustrating on the trip I still think the trip was necessary for the family. It’s not always about doing what you like to do as a parent. Sometimes it’s sucking up your desires and doing something you know your children would love to do. 

This trip for me has fanned the fire of love I have for my boys and my wonderful wife. It was a great reminder of how lucky I am to have this family and how precious they are to me. It’s crucial to trust your instinct on what your family needs emotionally and physically. If your not intentional on bonding together as a family it simply won’t happen on its own. 


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