Let your children’s imagination go wild!

I see my kids “pretending” while they are playing. And it’s pretty difficult for me to understand. I’ve never had a big imagination. I’m not sure why. Even today it’s hard for me to get into sci fi or really anything else that takes a lot of imagination to get into. 

It’s my instinct to bring my children into reality instead of letting their imagination go. I realize this is because of my perspective. I really do see the benefit of imagination. I try to embrace this creative and imaginative side of my children and let it flourish organically. 

I also try to improve my own imagination by adding novels into my reading rotation. I find it has helped me see life with someone’s else’s perspective and it has helped me dream big. I want these same things for my children. I don’t want my perspective and experience to hinder their growth. I have to constantly check my reasoning and motivations in my parenting to make sure it’s being guided by what’s best for them instead of my emotions or perspective


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