The challenge that forever changed my life 

When I was in college I had every single class with a “bible thumping holy roller” (as I liked to call him) named Ryan. This guy wouldn’t shut up about the Bible. Before class, during class, during break or after class it didn’t make a difference. He was talking about the Bible. 

He challenged me one day. He told me if I read the gospel of John that I couldn’t remain the same. Well, my life was pretty much at its lowest point. I was addicted to drugs, my girlfriend just had someone else’s baby. I really couldn’t see how my life could get much worst honestly. 

I didn’t own a bible so I went to Barnes and noble on my way home that night and picked one up. I opened the first thing I saw that said John and started reading. 

Four chapters into this book God started convicting me like never before. I was convinced without a shadow of a doubt that I needed To place my faith in Jesus for the payment of my sins. I begged God to save me alone at the foot of my bed that night as a broken 18 year old boy. That night God changed me and I’ve never been the same. 

I want to challenge you today if you’ve never placed your faith in Jesus for salvation to simply read the gospel of John. It’s 21 chapters. Each chapter is pretty short (a few paragraphs) just read one chapter for the next 21 days and see if God doesn’t change your life too. 


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