Yesterday’s home run wont win today’s game

I try to learn as much as I can from every single supervisor/boss I have. My supervisor I have today always tells me "yesterdays home run wont win today's game" There is a lot of wisdom in this saying. It pushes me to be better. A lot of times I look back on my life... Continue Reading →


What was your favorite part of today?

This is the question that Lacey asks my boys every single night before we read our bedtime Bible story. It reminds me that no matter how hard a day is there is always something that you can like about it. The saying that it can always be worse is true. As long as there is... Continue Reading →

The quiet moments make my heart smile 

It's in these quiet moments that my overfills my heart with joy. All three of us snuggle in the bed and watch "blaze" (a children's animated show). Everyone is calm and my boys show their daddy affection in snuggling up. I love moments like these. 

Today I was “that” parent

Lacey and I took the boys to see a play "James and the giant peach" Of course out of all the kids there our boys were the ones that ran on stage, through a fit and were running around during the play. I was "that" parent... You know the one I'm talking about? The one... Continue Reading →

Step-Parents Don’t Lose Heart!

I  wanted to take a moment to thank all of you step-parents out there. I had step-parents involved in my life growing up too. I can truly say without my step-dad I wouldn't be who I am today. I even named my firstborn sons middle name after him. My parents got a divorce when I... Continue Reading →

Deadbeat dad

Occasionally my wife says "thanks for not being a deadbeat dad and helping out with the boys when you get home from work" apparently she knows some spouses who have these so called "dead beat dads" I want to talk to you guys for a second.  Raising a family is a two person job (I... Continue Reading →

The day the cable guy broke the tv

Lacey and I recently changed bedrooms. It's the hottest room in the house and decided we needed a window unit asap. The problem was that the satellite dish was right outside the window. It would have to be moved first.  If you didn't know already I work for a major cable company. However, I live... Continue Reading →

Bastian the traveling lobster 

During our vacation lacey had a great idea that I've never heard of. She wanted to get a stuffed toy and take pictures of it along the way to send to the boys. I wasnt sure how they would take it.  Within the first day they absolutely fell in love with this toy lobster. We... Continue Reading →

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